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And finally… my current lifestyle. This the topic is ever so slightly vast as the title suggests so I will break it down two main periods of my life:

1. After graduating University in 2012 till around Jan 2014
2. Since arriving at Madrid – my current location therefore current lifestyle
At the end of each section I will provide a summary the following aspects work, diet, fitness and social.

To set the scene let´s go back to 2012 when I graduated from University, I was fortunate to land a job in a Graduate Scheme prior finishing my final year. In September of 2012 I started my graduate scheme in a Multinational Company in the UK.
This graduate scheme provided me a role in a sedentary job, working in front of a laptop around 8 – 10 hours a day throughout the week with weekends off. Truthfully I´m not a big fan of the whole corporate lifestyle specially when that requires to sit in an office the whole day. Luckily for me my job was quite flexible and allowed me to work from home quite often.
Also, as part of the scheme, I got to travel to different countries for a week every 3 months or so as well as driving and down the country to different office almost every other week.
During this time (which by the way comes to around 18 months in total) I managed to do a fair amount of learning in my spare time around the nutrition and different training protocols. Out of curiosity I tried all different sorts of diet and training programs during this period giving each at least 3 months.
In the social life aspect, I was lucky to be living with two of my best friends so that provided me a very good and healthy social life. Also had a fair amount of friends down at the gym and, although I was in there to workout, I still considered that as part of my social time. Obviously I still did the odd drinking here and there, probably going out and having slightly a few too many drinks 3 to 4 times a month.

A Thowback piture to a young me and the two best mates who I was lucky to be share a house with. (Picutre from 2008)

A Thowback piture to a young me and the two best mates who I was lucky to be share a house with. (Picutre from 2008)

Below I try to sum up and provide a general view of the different aspect of my life over the past 18 months or so:

Work – Sedentary job, work from home often and travelled ever so often

Diet – Tried a few different diets including stricter protocols Paleo, Keto and as well as Flexible Dieting a.k.a. IIFYM.

Fitness – Tried different workouts including DTP and 5/3/1 among others

Social – Lived with 2 of my best friends, went out probably 3 to 4 times a month and consumed a moderate amount of alcohol

Now onto the present day.
As part of my job, I have recently moved to Madrid where I will be based for around 6 months. I haven´t been here long but I have already noted a different general lifestyle and culture from what I was so used to.

Starting with the working life, unfortunately I don´t have the joy of flexible working so I am based in the office which has me commuting for around 45 minutes to the office and another 45 minutes back home. Most people here tend to start working slightly later, have long lunch breaks of an hour or more and subsequently leave the office later in the day. This ends up stretching a normal person´s day to doing everything ever so slightly later than what I was accustomed to in the UK.
Anyway, returning to the topic in hand – during the week my day tends to start at around 6:30 – 7:00 so that I get to work for around 8:30 latest; I then seek to leave anywhere between 5:30 – 6:30 work permitting obviously. My job is very sedentary and I am sat at my desk pretty much for almost all that time.
In terms of diet, I felt that the whole flexible diet/ IIFYM really suited my lifestyle at the back end of 2013 therefore I decided to keep adopting this for now. This has really provided great support as I try to adapt to all the changes to the other aspects of my life here in the Madrid.
Just like my nutrition I have kept my strength based programme with an element of flexibility to it. Unfortunately the gyms I visited around the place where I am living are very commercial and packed with cardio machines, however I did mange to find one with the equipment I need for my specific training.
Here in Madrid  I´ve got a lovely flat for myself and  I am living close to  to friends from  work. As I am here for only 6 months I want to make sure that I really enjoy my time here so there may be a few more social occasions than I had in the previous 18 months – especially given that I am living in a new place where I need to meet new people. This is where the whole flexibility aspect of my diet and training really supports my lifestyle – bearing in mind that this wouldn´t be my approach if I was seeking to do any physique or fitness competitions!

My flat in Madrid. It also a swimming pool , paddle court and a little "gym"

My flat in Madrid. It also has a swimming pool , paddle court and a little “gym”

My workplace, unfortunately I am in the office everyday. On the bright side, the weather is a whole better!

My workplace. Unfortunately I am in the office everyday but on the bright side, the weather is a whole better which definitely helps!

So here´s a summary of the different aspect of my lifestyle currently:
Work – Sedentary job at an office, working around 10 hours daily

Diet – Currently I have a macronutrient (Protein, Carbs & Fat) based diet so I am approaching this with flexibility however ensuring that I  eat micro nutrient dense foods (I will go more in depth into this soon and all my diet posts can be found on:

Fitness – Just finished a first cycle of the  5/3/1 strength program created by Jim Wendler with hypertrophy also thrown into each of the sessions. I am potentially changing my schedule and you can follow the details of each of my workout on:

Social – It´s been nearly a month and for the next 5 or so I will continue living  in Madrid. I am living close to a lot of my work colleagues and friends. As I am here on for only a determined period of time I and this is a once in a life time opportunity I will try looking to enjoy as much social time as I can within the months without compromising too much all other aspects of my lifestyle.

So here it is, a mini introduction to myself which I have broken down into three different parts. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me and again if you have any questions please feel free to send them across.


Just like many, my passion for fitness wasn’t what you could describe the love at first sight relationship. I was highly energetic as a kid and I did love running around but as I grew older I started finding out about video games. Quickly I deferred my attentions from any physical exercises to living a more a more sedentary lifestyle in which I’d rather stay home playing games than socialise and do any sports – my motto back then was the less effort the merrier obviously!
Now that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy sports! I have always enjoyed sports but mainly from a spectator perspective, especially football which I have followed very thoroughly since a very young age (I am still very passionate about it especially anything relating to Portugal, Mourinho and Ronaldo).

Needless to say as I went into my teenage years I was slightly chubby holding the usual puppy fat. As I entered my teenage years, just before coming to the UK, I started caring about looks and all that malarky for the obvious reasons (obvious being that I wanted to attract girls…). This was when I had my first spark with fitness as I aimed to get rid of my puppy fat. By the time I had finish school in 2008 I’d say I was in a half decent shape due to the high amount of cardio I was doing through the many sports I practiced, mainly football which I played very often. Pictured below is me during a Summer holiday just a year before heading to University ( the tan makes me look in a better shape than I really was):

Skinny Collage
By the time I left school I could officially say that I was well and truly into sports which saw me switching from a spectator to participant role. This actually had a big impact when choosing Universities as I chose them on sporting merits and this ended up with me going to the best sporting University in the UK – Loughborough University; to read a degree which had nothing to do with Sports. Although I felt comfortable with myself when I first arrived at University, being surrounded by big and athletic people started to make me want to join a gym and so I did. I spent the first two years of University training in gyms however never really knowing much of what I was doing and to be honest happy with the little gains I was getting as I was more interested in going out and drinking my bodyweight in alcohol (really not healthy obviously but it was Uni and I wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible!).
In 2011, my third year of Uni, I was actually doing a placement in Finance at Vodafone. This is really when  I really developed a further interest into fitness and bodybuilding.
Partially due to me finding the whole corporate lifestyle rather sedentary and emotionally taxing, which together with some personal challenges I encountered that year; it had me finding a lot of comfort in the gym. In the gym I was able to let go of everything that was negative in my life at the time.

Upon my return to University for my final year I was truly indulged into the whole fitness lifestyle and, despite spending my time ensuring that I enjoyed University and got a decent grade; I spent a great amount of time reading about nutrition and gym routines and a lot of other fitness related articles. I found that this passion assisted me in achieving my final year grade as it had me structuring most days of university around study, social and fitness time.

That bring me to the present and it probably goes without saying that I remain very passionate about my fitness life and intend to do so for as long as I can! I will be posting about my present lifestyle soon as I  have recently embarked on an exciting new journey. Also stay tuned as I am aiming to start a workout log on here posting every workout structure. Until next time!

To those who don’t really know me, I had promised  an introduction and here I am delivering it!
In an attempt to keep this somewhat enticing not too boring; I will be introducing myself in three different themed posts, these being:
1.     My background
2.     Why I got into Fitness
3.     My current lifestyle

My background
So today’s topic is the first of my three part introductory post and it is regarding my background. Here I will be talking a bit about my life in general.
Starting right at the very beginning, I was born in Portugal in 1989 making me 24 years old and I am currently living and working  the UK.

Baby me
Although I was born in Portugal I only lived there till the age of 5, when I moved over to  Macau – ex-Portuguese Colony located in China (i.e. just like Hong Kong use to be English). Again I only lived out there till the age of 15 before coming over to the UK to a boarding school. I completed my whole education  here in the UK having graduated in 2012 from Loughborough University.

Currently I find myself on a graduate scheme working for Telefonica who own O2 here in England.
Even though I introduce myself as being Portuguese, you will probably be able to tell from my pictures that I am mixed race (Portuguese/Chinese). Many times I am asked this exact same question: but aren’t you like half Chinese?
Well this is where it gets slightly tricky when I try to explain it to most people.
I did say I lived out in Macau for part of my life, however believe it or not this  has actually nothing to do with it!
Technically I would say I am about 3/4 Portuguese as I was born in Portugal and both my parents have Portuguese Passports. Despite this, it will come to no surprise when I say that my parents are in fact from different ethnicity backgrounds. My mum is fully Portuguese, born and raised in Portugal; whilst my dad, also Portuguese, was in fact born in Mozambique (Africa – Yes you read it right!) but is of a Chinese Origin. Confusing enough? Below is a picture of my family and I on this new Years’ eve.

New Years' Even Family

I also have a young brother who, very much like myself, shares almost the same life background story however the main difference being that he was in fact born in Macau as opposed to me in Portugal. I take this opportunity to give him a shout out as he is technology geek and has his own YouTube channel, so please do check it out at:

So I hope you have enjoyed this first part of my introduction and I haven’t confused you too much! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Next I will be covering the reasons why I got into fitness which will also include a view into what motivates me to live this lifestyle.