Weekly Update 07/04/2014 – Getting Back Up

Posted: 14 April 2014 in Weekly Update
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General Summary:

On the back of doing some thinking around convenience and suitability for my weekly update I’ve decided that Monday will be a more suited weekly day to post my weekly update, reason being twofold:

  1. I will change my the starting day of my average weekly weigh to the Monday as opposed to the current Sunday therefore noting that Monday is the start of a new week
  2. I have found that posting my weekly summary on a Monday is a great way to start the working week give me that extra bit of motivation to start the week and take steps towards my goal- the caption below pretty much sums up how I feel every Monday!
Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday


Following on from my mid-week post: The Importance Setting Motivation Driving Goals; I did have a slight regressive week in terms of progress last week mainly due to my less composed approach to diet. I put this down to mainly accumulating all my negativity of the week prior and letting it all out on a uncontrolled re-feed day on the Saturday of that week. Therefore, as to avoid demotivation, I decided to not weigh myself Sunday as well as Wednesday as my diet the day priors to those weren’t exactly in line with my expectation.

Having said all that, I did start each and every day of the week with on thought which was POSITIVITY – which I found truly helped me putting behind the week prior. Obviously had a slight setback for the week but nonetheless I feel that it has only motivate me to come back stronger!

Weekly Update

Diet, Nutrition and supplementation:

Current Macros

Current Macros

So my macros were meant to have remained unchanged throughout the week, sticking my original numbers. However as I have mentioned above the Saturday prior was not great and I let myself indulge with no control and I also did slightly change my macros on the Wednesday – no real reason behind this, just felt like increasing fats and reducing carbs on the day.

Apart from the Saturday priori (which by the way is not part of that week´s weigh in however it does have an effect on my weigh throughout the week) and the Wednesday I had a decent week as I manage to hit the macros within the 5g range for each.

In terms of my supplementation here is the list:

Health supplements – MultiVitamins, Fish Oil, Vitamin D,

Performance supplements – BCAAs, Creatine, Beta-alanine, Citruline Malate, Caffeine

Whey Isolate also forms part of my stack however I see this as more of a diet related supplement.


Repeated the formula from the previous week with the main highlight for the week being finally joining the 200kg Deadlift club! Managed a modest 3 reps on the 200kg deadlift. Here is the break down of my workout sessions not in order:

1 upper power day –using RPE scales and %s of my predicted rep max

2 half power half hypertrhophy lower body days – 1 focus on hamstrings (deadlift) and another focus on quads (squats)

2 upper body hypertrophy days – split into: 1 day back and tris, 1 day legs and 1 day chest, shoulders and biceps.

2 rest days – with some light cardio and stretching to get some energy expenditure as well as some blood circulation to assist on recovery

Week ahead:

So it’s the week of Easter weekend coming up and this has coincided with me taking a step back and re-evaluating where I am and how my progress is coming along. With this in mind I have decided to take a de-load week both inside and outside the gym.

So inside the gym I will be doing a little less intense and heavy workout, working more on form and mobility whilst adding some more volume work to ensure that I am still growing.

My de-load outside the gym consists of de-loading of all performance supplementation I take which I always find a struggle especially with having to de-load from coffee as I love the taste of coffee! Nonetheless I feel that it is really helpful to now and then just allowing yourself a “detox” week. I will still however be sticking to my macro counting diet and although I will be eliminating caffeine from diet I will still get a small kick from drinking green tea.

I will be using this week to re-assess all aspects of my progress including diet and gym approach. I will share my thoughts and plans on a post later in the week.

Hope you all have a motivated start to the week and keep it up throughout the week and remember that the Easter Weekend is upon!

Weekly Motivation Statement:

“Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.” Unknown


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