05-03-2014 – Mid-week laziness? Let’s Pull… Weights off the ground!

Posted: 5 March 2014 in Gym - Workout Log
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As opposed to Monday where my motivation level throughout the day was probably 7.5/10 , today I really just felt a complete lack of motivation during the day and probably would say that I was at a motivation level of 2/10 during work – perhaps contributed by the fact that I am limping around because of said dropped dumbbell on my feet! It is really bugging me but I´m still not able to tell what the actual damage to the foot/ toes is/are as the main pain it´s currently coming from the skin that got ripped off my toes.
Anyway this is not a complaining journal so upwards and onwards! So I nearly adapted my schedule today due to this silly injury and almost didn’t do Deadlifts. However… as I got to the gym, for some reason I felt that perhaps my foot injury wasn’t going to impose and my motivation level all off a sudden increased so I decided to give it a go!
And I am glad I did as it proved to be an absolute tremendous session! Probably hit my PB for deadlifts at 162.5 kg for 10 reps and felt that I could have perhaps even go further. In terms of the workout routine itself, the only real change from last week’s deadlift and back session was at the abs ection where I decided to finish off with a circuit with no rest in between. I was feeling particularly good during the workout so decided to limit the usage of straps and belt to only the one heavy deadlift set.
Also something I noticed that might have impacted my workout today was my pre-workout meal so I will keep that in mind and see if repeating the formula on tomorrow does indeed give me that energy boost during my gym session.
 Here´s today workout log
1. Deadlift Week 3 of 5/3/1
Set 1 @ 130kg x 5 reps
Set 2 @ 145kg x 3
Set 3 @ 162.5kg x 11 (with straps and belt)
Back Off Set
Set 4 @ 125kg x 10
Set 5 @ 125kg x 102. Bent-Over Barbell Row Overhand Grip – Explosive
Set 1 @ 85kg x 8 straps
Set 2 @ 85kg x 8 straps
Set 3 @ 85kg x 8 straps
Set 4 @ 85kg x 8 straps

3. Double D-Ring Handle Cable Vertical Row 3:1:1
2 sets x 12 – 15 reps

4. Wide Grip Pull Down 3:1:1
2 sets x 12 reps

Abs Circuit: 3 sets of non-stop

Lying leg raises x 15
Side Oblique Crunches x 15 each side
Reverse crunches x 15
Broom Twists x 50

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