19-02-2014 -Lifting off the ground!

Posted: 19 February 2014 in Gym - Workout Log
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Deadlift – Back

Warm Up: Extensive Dynamic stretching
* Exercise specific warm-up: a few reps on each exercise on a light weigh to just ensure that the muscles are ready for the lift – I tend to not go beyond a maximum of 5 reps on a light weight to avoid fatiguing the muscles before the actual exercise

1. Deadlift Week 1 of 5/3/1
Set 1 @ 112.5kg x 5 reps
Set 2 @ 130kg x 5
Set 3 @ 146kg x 12 (straps)
Back Off Set
Set 4 @ 120kg x 12 (straps)

2. Bent-Over Barbell Row Overhand Grip *
Set 1 @ 90kg x 6 explosive from stationary
Set 2 @ 80kg x 8 straps
Set 3 @ 80kg x 8 straps
Set 4 @ 80kg x 8 straps

3. Wide Grip Pull Down
2 sets x 12 reps

4. Cable Pull Overs
2 Sets x 15 reps

5. 1 set x Hanging from bar with 20kg plate till failure followed by pull ups till failure

*Got told off after my first set in which I was doing Barbell row from stationary position as apparently I was dropping the barbell too heavily on both the rows and my deadlifts. So for set 2,3 and 4 on the rows I decided to drop the weight and rather than doing explosive I concentrated fully on getting a full contraction and engagement of my lats.

Slightly frustrated day at the gym today for two reasons:
–     It was my day of rest yesterday however I feel that it was somewhat counter productive in terms of recovering as I ended up having a long day sitting in the office and slacked on the fitness plans I had upon returning home so today I was paying for and felt slightly sore.
–     Secondly and mainly this reason: getting told off by the PTs at this Commercial Gym
Nonetheless got my exercises done and decided to keep it shorter today in terms of volume, really focusing on very strict form and getting full muscle contractions.
I want to keep this post short and fully devoted to my workout log but I do feel a need to have a rant regarding commercial gyms! I will however contain my urges and leave this to some other time.


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