New Workout Split and Objectives

Posted: 16 February 2014 in Gym - Routine & Workouts
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So I’ve decided to start sharing each individual workout session on here. I’m going to aim to try and post my workout logs here and throughout the next few weeks I will start explaining why I do what I do. I’ll try and keep it as simple as I will be naming the exercises as I name them, so if you have any questions regarding any of the names I choose to use please feel free to ask away.

My main fitness objective as of right now is twofold:
1.     Keep improving my strength on all main compound exercises
2.     Start to getting cut and lean – aiming to get in a good shredded shape for BodyPower Expo in the UK

In a quick summary regarding my routine: I had been doing PHAT for a while however I decided to change it recently; I have gone back to a mix of my own based on different training styles.
Basically at the beginning of my workouts I will be adopting the 5/3/1 strength training style by Jim Wendler focusing on the main four lifts on each day: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift and Overhead Press – if you want to find out more around the principles of this training you will be able to find a lot of articles by just Googling his name.
Then once I’ve done this I will be adopting a more hypertrophy style training based on a mixed of articles I’ve read and YouTube videos I have watched inspired by people like Dr. Layne Norton, team 3DMJ, Steve Cook and others (again google them and you will easily find lots of articles).
So overall, I will be aiming to get at least 4 sessions a week – 1 day focusing on each of the main lifts and subsequently working out a correlated body parts i.e. if I bench press I will be doing chest hypertrophy.
In order to support my second objective I will also do one HIIT cardio session a week to start off and might throw in an extra gym session non-related to the strength programme depending on how well I recover from my other sessions.

In order to get cut and shredded I am firm believer that what one has to do is to find the right balance between the right diet and weight training programme so I will try to limit the amount of cardio I do at the beginning and as my progress starts becoming stagnant on this objective I might start throwing extra sessions to assist. My aim is ensure that I am eating at a caloric deficit but without going to low ( I will talk more about my current diet soon).

Again any comments and feedback will be greatly welcomed!


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