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Posted: 15 January 2014 in Gym - Routine & Workouts
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You may have read my fitness goals for this year but if you haven’t here is a quick summary of them:
1.     Improve my strength – Focusing on improving these movements: Barbell Overhead Press, Bench Press, Squats, Deadlifts.

2.     Develop certain muscle groups – Shoulders (delts and traps), Calves, Triceps and Abs

3.     Focus on flexibility and mobility

So it will come to no surprise that when planning my gym routine I make sure that I incorporate my fitness goals into the grand scheme of things.

Currently my workout split is very basic and it is based on a concept created by Dr. Layne Norton known as PHAT: Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training. A great article by ( with Dr. Norton himself will give you an in depth overview of this training method. You may also find it useful listening to his recent interview ( with Ben Comber if you have are considering on trying out PHAT.

In very a brief summary, I have adapted the PHAT routine to my preferences and goals but maintaining the ideology of it.
So what this means to me is that I currently do 5 weight sessions week and have 2 days with active rest.
My workout sessions consist on the following:
–     Power Push day
–     Power Pull day
–     Push Hypertrophy Workout
–     Pull Hypertrophy Workout
–     Leg Workout
–     2 days of active rest
If you have the read the programme scheduled by Dr. Layne Norton you may notice that he splits Power Upper and Power Lower as opposed to Push and Pull as per my schedule however I am seeking to adjust the programme to my specific needs.
The 2 power (Push/Pull) sessions are based on strength training divided into Push and Pull body splits, so most sets are between 3 to 5 reps with very little assistance and auxiliary work with no more than 10 reps
The other 3 sessions(Push/Pull/Leg) I adopt a more Hypertrophy style, in other words with slight higher reps i.e. bodybuilding style so anything between 6 – 20 reps depending on different factors (trying to keep the rep range to no lower then 6 reps minimum).
The remaining two days of active rest I ensure that I do very light exercise i.e. Yoga, stretching or even at times I might play some football, do circuits training or even try out new things like CrossFit training but ensuring that I am not taxing my body too much to allow it to recover.

Over the coming months I will be sure to update you all on my training schedule as it will change over time to avoid stagnation. I will also aim to share more about each session regarding the exercises I do, the amount of sets and reps and so on. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. Until next time!


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