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Posted: 12 January 2014 in Bio - Me, Myself and I
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To those who don’t really know me, I had promised  an introduction and here I am delivering it!
In an attempt to keep this somewhat enticing not too boring; I will be introducing myself in three different themed posts, these being:
1.     My background
2.     Why I got into Fitness
3.     My current lifestyle

My background
So today’s topic is the first of my three part introductory post and it is regarding my background. Here I will be talking a bit about my life in general.
Starting right at the very beginning, I was born in Portugal in 1989 making me 24 years old and I am currently living and working  the UK.

Baby me
Although I was born in Portugal I only lived there till the age of 5, when I moved over to  Macau – ex-Portuguese Colony located in China (i.e. just like Hong Kong use to be English). Again I only lived out there till the age of 15 before coming over to the UK to a boarding school. I completed my whole education  here in the UK having graduated in 2012 from Loughborough University.

Currently I find myself on a graduate scheme working for Telefonica who own O2 here in England.
Even though I introduce myself as being Portuguese, you will probably be able to tell from my pictures that I am mixed race (Portuguese/Chinese). Many times I am asked this exact same question: but aren’t you like half Chinese?
Well this is where it gets slightly tricky when I try to explain it to most people.
I did say I lived out in Macau for part of my life, however believe it or not this  has actually nothing to do with it!
Technically I would say I am about 3/4 Portuguese as I was born in Portugal and both my parents have Portuguese Passports. Despite this, it will come to no surprise when I say that my parents are in fact from different ethnicity backgrounds. My mum is fully Portuguese, born and raised in Portugal; whilst my dad, also Portuguese, was in fact born in Mozambique (Africa – Yes you read it right!) but is of a Chinese Origin. Confusing enough? Below is a picture of my family and I on this new Years’ eve.

New Years' Even Family

I also have a young brother who, very much like myself, shares almost the same life background story however the main difference being that he was in fact born in Macau as opposed to me in Portugal. I take this opportunity to give him a shout out as he is technology geek and has his own YouTube channel, so please do check it out at:

So I hope you have enjoyed this first part of my introduction and I haven’t confused you too much! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Next I will be covering the reasons why I got into fitness which will also include a view into what motivates me to live this lifestyle.

  1. Luis says:

    Seems like ur ashamed to be half blood Chinese!

    • LauseFitness says:

      Hi Luis, firstly thanks for reading the post and secondly apologies if it seems that way. I am not ashamed to be half blood Chinese whatsoever.
      I’m guessing you are referring to the part I write about being 3/4 Portuguese, just to clarify I was raised in a Portuguese culture where all my family spoke Portuguese and we always followed very much the Portuguese traditions. There is no one in my family to whom I address in Chinese as even my grandparents spoke Portuguese. So to that effect I do feel that I am closer to my Portuguese roots than my Chinese ones but I am by no means ashamed of being half Chinese.

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