A new journey – Introduction into my “Freestyle” Lifestyle

Posted: 28 July 2013 in 2013 Archive

Following on from my previous post, I want to emphasize how disappointed I am with myself regarding my lack of commitment to the blog. I have no good reason to not have shared more about the preparation I undertook before Turkey – apart from my laziness and lack of commitment. Having said that you live to learn every day and I am hopeful that, as I embark on this new journey, I will be able to share more about all aspects of my new lifestyle.

As one journey ends a new begins!

If you have read my latest post, you probably are aware that I am currently not in the greatest shape I have been in the past few years. Having given myself 2 weeks off physically I feel that my body is rested and ready to go at it again however those 2 weeks off did have some negative spill over effects.  I’m referring to psychological effects which came in the form of frustration and disgust with the shape I had let myself get to. In the picture below, from the left to the right, it gives a general idea of the 2 week (negative) transformation I went through.

 2 Week Transformation

Let me take this opportunity to correct myself and apologise to someone (that person knows who they are) as on my previous post I mentioned that I almost had a breakdown on a Sunday. That actually occurred on the Saturday and was predominately as a consequence of me allowing my own judgement of the photo above on the right get the best of me.

Since then my life as somewhat returned to its normal, going back to work and managing to have a few gym sessions in which I have concentrated predominately on a rehab style of workouts meaning very low intensity and moderate volume. I feel that in a week my body has already somewhat changed since a week ago and starting tomorrow I am looking to really engage and start my new routine. Below is a picture which was actually taken on the Monday – my first day back in the gym ( I will be using this photo as a reference point to track my transformation over the coming weeks):


I want to keep this post a short introduction of what is changing in my lifestyle as I will be posting a more detailed view over the coming weeks. Two major factors that to really consider this journey are: Diet and Training.

Over the past couple of years I have kept myself on strict diets always really cautious of what foods I ate and when I ate these. However in this new lifestyle I am adopting, the title speaks for itself; I will be adopting more of a freestyle diet in which I will follow this new trend in the bodybuilding world known as IIFYM. In this flexible diet I will not have to eat around the clock nor will I have to prepare so thoroughly my meals. I will be allowed to eat all sorts of food including the so called “junk” foods i.e. Ice-Cream, Pop-Tarts, Nutella and many others; as long as they fit within my daily allowances however there is a but to all of this but I will post more details around this on a later date. Meanwhile if you want to find out yourself more about the diet just google: IIFYM or visit the following webpage specially dedicated to this – http://iifym.com/.

To track my daily intake I will be using a great website – MyFitnessPal (also an App on smartphones) ; and if you want to find out what my meals look like on the daily basis please feel free to check out the following: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/lausef

In terms of training, I have decided to adopt a more strength based training in which will only see me in the gym 4 times a week to do lift weights as opposed to the 5 or 6 times I use to go. I will be concentrating highly on my dynamic stretching and conditioning work whilst including cardio into my weekly routines depending on my weight and body composition. My training will be based on a routine called 5/3/1 created by Jim Wendler which I am hoping will enable to gain strength and put on muscle size whilst still losing body fat.

My main objective with this new lifestyle is to actually have a more active social life with a much less rigid routine allowing me to actually enjoy myself more. In the past what I had been doing had been slowly allowing to improve on a constant basis so this change may  actually prove to not yield the results I am seeking for however you never know until you try it. Over the coming weeks I will be posting more and more around the thing I eat, the way I train, my supplementation and many other things – I want to be as open as I can to really demonstrate that one can hopefully achieve a decent body whilst still enjoying all other aspects of life.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” Robert Schuller

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