…the end of a journey…

Posted: 23 July 2013 in 2013 Archive

Hi everyone, firstly let me say that I am truly disappointed with myself due to the fact that I wasn’t able to keep up with the blogging whilst I went through this short journey preparing for my holidays.

Nevertheless I am back and I am just about to embark onto a new longer challenge/ journey which I intend to share with you more frequently! The posts will be more focused on the following topics: what I am doing in the gym, what my diet is like and how my body is progressing. In this journey I will be adopting a slightly changed lifestyle but more on that on my next post.

Getting back to the post in hand, despite having been fully committed and trained really hard to try and get in a great shape I felt that I fell short of my goal. Despite not reaching my end aim, I feel there are plenty of positive take-aways. I have learnt more about my body in terms of how it responds to different training styles and to a very specific type of diet. Below is a picture compile a few snaps of the day that I went on holidays:

Holiday 1
For me these couple of weeks off (from both gym and strict diet) were going to be met with the complete opposite of what one could describe as a healthy lifestyle. As I went to Turkey to have a good time and relax I made sure that this was fully accomplished and so I ensure that I enjoyed it to the fullest by consuming great amount food and drinks (obviously including alcohol). Goes without saying that this had an immediate impact on my body which can be seen below on a pic taken around 5 days after the ones above:

Holiday 2
Since this picture above I have put on more fat as I went from Turkey to Germany for work purposes. Here, even though I did not consumer any alcohol, I still ate a ridiculous amounts of food.

For those interested, off the top of my head, on the build up to get in the shape of those first pictures I was consuming around 2300 calories per day with a very strict and calculated diet with a set amount of cardio and weight training. From that I went to consuming around 3500 calories per day, with alcohol on top and no physical exercise.

So how does all of this translate into most people’s lives? Well obviously what I did wasn’t healthy nor would I recommended such extreme transition to anyone– in all honesty just this Sunday I almost had a breakdown because of how crap I felt about myself and my body. Having said all that there is a big but and that is that I firmly believe that every now and then it is important to make sure that one gives themselves a break from what they know and are used to in order to be able to clear their minds. These two weeks off have allowed me to find a new font of motivation (I will write more about this topic later on) and a new challenge. So all in all, despite not feeling great about my current shape and lifestyle over the last couple of weeks, I feel that this was a much needed break and I have returned more motivated than ever before to keep improving myself!

“Never be satisfied with what you achieve, because it all pales in comparison with what you are capable of doing in the future.” Rabbi Nochem Kaplan


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